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this is the worst country for people like us

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i'll explain why this is the worst country for robots/arcanines/spergs/incels/neets etc.
>massive drug and alcohol party culture and you're treated like you're fucked up or a pussy if you do not want to participate
>chads are everywhere, being macho and liking sportsball is very much requried
>want a virgin waifu? forget it, no girls here are virgins past 18, yet alone fembots
>also, the women here are either stacies or bushpigs, and they're all stuck up/ grotty and cruel to people like us
>everyone here is a massive fucking lemming, they'll just do what they're told by big daddy gubmint (this is how we lost our guns, lol)
>american bootstrapping work culture made its way here but the only sure fire way of getting a job here is nepotism
>theres no excuse for not having a license also, unless you live in sydney or melbourne, driving is essential
>summers here are hot as fuck usually (unless from tassie)
>if you dont play the social game early in life or you're just a little weird in secondary school, you're pretty much fucked for life

welcome to California: the country version