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Madonna/Whore complex is real

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I know this is mostly a male board but when I think about it from the perspective of women, it really does suck and I empathise with them.

>God gave you this naturally beautiful amazingly sexy body
>society, media, popular culture constantly idolises sexy beautiful women
>you are told by society you have to be sexy
>as a young woman, you are biologically hormonally inclined to want to have sex
>every bf you have or serious relationship will inevitably pressure you to have sex
>nevertheless once you start having sex you are demonised and called a whore
>men look down on you for not being a virgin
>men will slutshame you and not want to marry you if you are a slut

It really sucks. Imagine having an ultra super sexy body, people constantly begging for sex, you actually WANTING to have sex, yet you have to deny every urge and desire and waste away your youth being boring because society will judge you for doing the one thing that you and society actually want to do.